Insurance that works as hard as you do.

Life happens fast, and the truth is there’s nothing as valuable as peace of mind. Our goal is to protect you from the unexpected through top quality insurance coverage that works for your needs, as well as your budget.

Our brokers take time to understand your unique needs, identify and eliminate gaps in coverage that might leave you exposed and create custom plans that fit your life. From auto insurance to homeowners insurance, we’re in the business of helping people protect what they value and have worked so hard to build.

Home Insurance
For most people, their home is one of their most substantial financial and emotional investments. Willis Towers Watson Private Client understands all that your home represents and will provide you with the most innovative insurance options available in the marketplace.

Car Insurance
Your car can be a fairly costly investment. Whether you are insuring the family sedan or a luxury vehicle, Willis Towers Watson Private Client can help you understand your automobile insurance and what options make the most sense for your insurance needs.

Valuable Articles Insurance
Accidents happen. Stones fall out of diamond rings. Antiques break. Art gets stolen. We’ll get you the protection you need for your most precious belongings in the event of loss through theft, accident or natural disaster.

Boats, Yachts and other Watercraft Insurance
Whether you have a small fishing boat, a vintage wood vessel or a 200 foot yacht with tender, we can tailor a policy specifically for you. We work with top insurance carriers to provide comprehensive coverage options to you, from basic coverage to extended coverage, including Full Replacement options.

Personal Excess Liability & Umbrella Insurance
Experiencing a major insurance claim or lawsuit could lead to personal financial loss if costs exceed coverage provided by your standard homeowners and auto policies. We’ll help protect your financial future.

Domestic Workers Compensation Insurance
Workers compensation insurance covers employees injured on the job or in auto accidents while on business. It also covers work-related illnesses. We’ll work with you to find a solution that creates a safer and more productive workplace.

Private Aviation Insurance
While they are rare, mishaps and accidents can happen when you fly a plane. And regardless of whether you fly for business or pleasure, you need to protect your plane from certain risks. A private aviation insurance policy from Willis Towers Watson Private Client provides you the risk coverage that helps put your mind at ease so you can enjoy every flight.

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance
Kidnap and ransom threats are very real and can happen to anyone. Someone could have a grudge against you, your company or your employees. Someone could even try to force you to reveal company trade secrets. The team at Willis Towers Watson Private Client will help you understand and demystify Kidnap & Ransom coverage.

International Travel & Accident Insurance
International travel is exciting, but if something goes wrong you want to be protected. International Travel Accident Insurance provides coverage for accidental death and dismemberment or other life-changing incidents and injuries that may be excluded by other policies. We’ll keep you safe abroad.

Family Office Insurance
Your family, family office, foundation and/or business requires complex wealth-management strategies. The team at Willis Towers Watson Private Client will provide useful advice and a unique, integrated approach to your personal insurance that will help you manage your wealth and achieve your financial goals.

Group Personal Excess for Corporations
With litigiousness in the United States growing at an alarming pace, you are exposed to the risk of a personal lawsuit more than ever before. Group personal excess provides additional liability coverage for damages and costs you or a covered family member have to pay in a covered lawsuit beyond what is covered under your primary insurance policies.

Flood Insurance
The odds of getting a free ride when it comes to escaping the wrath of Mother Nature is ever-decreasing. Don’t find out too late that you could be at risk for flooding or, even worse, that your property policy does not cover flood damage. We’ll protect you against the call of Mother Nature.

Earthquake Insurance
Earthquakes can cause much harm to home structures. They can damage housing foundations and collapse walls; even relatively mild tremors can destroy furnishings and belongings. Your standard homeowners and renters insurance policy does not cover earthquake damage. We’ll show you how you can protect your property against an earthquake.

Farm, Ranch and Country Estates Insurance
Your family farm, ranch or country estate has unique risks. These risks are no ordinary risk that a basic homeowners policy will adequately insure. Willis Towers Watson Private Client has unique policies to protect your unique property for generations to come.