It’s your wealth, your life, your legacy. But we take it personally.

Owning a farm or ranch can bring much joy and pleasure, but ownership also brings unique and complex insurance issues, you need agriculture specialists who truly understand this business in the United States today.

Farm and Ranch

Owning a farm or ranch can bring much joy and pleasure, but ownership also brings unique and complex insurance issues. Just as our society and lifestyles have changed over the past 20 years, farming and ranching have evolved in many of the same ways. So while it may seem that farming is as old as time, the insurance and risk management needs of agriculture require specialists who truly understand this business today. At Willis we have this expertise and have created partnerships with our insurers allowing our specialists to design, negotiate, select and implement superior insurance programs for prestigious horse farms, racing stables, cattle ranches and gentlemen farms throughout the country.

The Willis Farm and Ranch team is well versed in the breadth of exposures unique to farming and ranching and have a solid knowledge of the best ways to remove, mitigate or manage those exposures to help protect both physical and animal property, as well as the bottom line.

We are able to provide a full spectrum of insurance solutions including:

  • Complete Farm Packages
  • Horse Owner Liability
  • Racehorse Owner Liability
  • Commercial Equine Liability
  • Hunting Lodges, Plantations
  • Riding Clubs and Members
  • Cow/Calf Operations

Equine and Bloodstock

Hughes – Gibb

The Willis bloodstock division has extensive experience in the specialist area of bloodstock insurance. Our longevity is testament to our enduring commitment to the changing needs of our clients, both new and old. We constantly strive to provide innovative and cost effective insurance solutions for a range of satisfied clients around the globe.

The increasingly global nature of the bloodstock insurance industry and the diverse requirements of our worldwide clientele mean that we are at the forefront of product development and are able to provide policies that are specifically tailored to the budget and requirements of each client. In a world where business can now be transacted virtually seamlessly across continents, the insurance intermediary must be able to add value over and above the traditional role. We have made significant investments in technology to deliver a truly efficient and streamlined service for our clients.


Hughes-Gibb handles the placement of insurance for all types of high-value horses. Whether you own racing animals, broodmares, stallions, youngstock, dressage horses, showj umpers or horses involved in any other discipline, we are able to tailor a policy suited to your needs.

We provide a full spectrum of bloodstock insurance coverage, including:

  • Full Mortality
  • Stallion First Season Infertility
  • Stallion Permanent Disability
  • Business Interruption
  • Loss of Income Insurance
  • Mare Availability
  • Broodmare Barrenness
  • Restricted Perils
  • Frustration of Import/Export
  • Transit Insurance
  • Loss of Use
  • Theft and Unlawful Removal
  • Prospective Foal