A simple, compelling entrée to groups of high net worth prospects.

Group Excess Liability Insurance from Willis Towers Watson can provide what you’re looking for: exceptional coverage delivered with flexibility, limits and rates that no other group excess program can match.

High net worth executives, partners, and professionals at corporations, law firms, investment companies, family offices, charitable institutions and other organizations have substantial personal liability exposures. In our litigious society, these individuals are among the most alluring targets of lawsuits because of their personal wealth.

A High Value, High Limit Benefit

Group Excess Liability Insurance from Willis Towers Watson, enables employers or sponsoring organizations to offer high limits of personal liability coverage to their most valued employees. Coverage comes with higher limits of liability than typically offered on an individual basis — at a more affordable price. In fact, premiums can be up to 50 percent less than individual policy rates.

Exceptional Flexibility and Service

We will work with you to tailor a program for groups of virtually any size. Programs can be supplemental or voluntary, employer- or employee-paid, and come with full program administration support. The Willis Private Client Group can handle the entire process, including enrollment, premium collection and policy distribution.

Bringing a Valuable Cost-Effective Benefit to Your Most Valued Employees Providing partners, executives, directors, officers and professionals with benefits that are truly valuable — and cost effective— is a challenge. Group Excess Liability Insurance from Willis Towers Watson is the solution.
Coverage Highlights Include:

Broad, worldwide coverage for personal injury


Optional coverage for non-profit board participation


Limits of up to $50 million available


Excess under/uninsured motorist coverage up to $5 million


Optional coverage for employment related claims brought by domestic staff


Flexible defense coverage, enabling individuals to choose defense council


Defense costs paid outside policy limits


Concierge-level claims service

An Elite Benefit from an Industry Leader

Valid or not, anyone can be sued for alleged negligent acts. Life is full of uncertainty. With uncertainty come accidents, incidents and situations that cause injury, damage to property, and in some cases, financial ruin. Our professionals provide the best risk management and insurance solutions available in the marketplace. Our passionate associates have the expertise and knowledge to do this at the highest level. We empower them to advise clients to make decisions that are best for their unique situations. We focus on our clients’ security and provide peace of mind so they can focus on life.

Answering an Urgent Need with an Efficient Employee Benefit

Following are examples of actual claims that highlight the wide range of personal liability exposures confronting individuals daily — and the crucial need for effective excess liability coverage. It only takes a second to lose what you’ve spent a lifetime building.


While performing maintenance work, a domestic employee fell from a roof and sustained fatal injuries.


Excessive weight and improper design caused a deck to collapse during a party, injuring numerous guests.


A dog bit a contractor working on the insured’s property.


An insured ended a relationship with a domestic partner and forced the partner to move out of the home. The partner sued, alleging wrongful eviction.